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More About the Resurfacing Solutions Our Concrete Contractor Offers

Concrete is strong and has the ability to get stronger over time. Pitting and sings of wear on the surface that is still sound mean the area can be resurfaced. An experienced professional from our team can come to your home in Fort Collins, CO and examine your pad to determine the sub-base’s structural integrity and suggest a solution to your problem. In most of the cases, they offer concrete resurfacing services.

Our Concrete Resurfacing in Fort Collins CO

Getting a proper diagnosis of the problem is the first step in determining the best course of action, and we, from John Garza Concrete, understand that. This is why each concrete contractor on our team has the proper training and qualification needed to perform that job. Do not jump too quickly to replacing your concrete because an option such as resurfacing might be a better choice.

Concrete resurfacing is a method we suggest to people who would like to restore their concrete surfaces to a pristine condition. Whether your patio or driveway has hairline cracks or any other damage to the top layer, resurfacing will help you restore them to their previous beauty. Even though this project takes most of the day, we promise the results will go beyond your expectations.

The process is simple: cleaning the area to remove debris, algae, and mildew, patch the spalled areas with a filler or other type of resurfacer, spreading the new mixture with precision, and trowel the material out. Our concrete contractor always takes the time to explain everything the customer wants to know about his work so you can have the peace of mind knowing what exactly we are doing.

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Whether you want to upgrade the look of your driveway or simply restore your patio to its previous condition, our experts in Fort Collins, CO are ready and eager to assist you. We can offer your products that come in a wide variety of colors and patterns, so you can get results that will make your home stand out from the neighborhood’s competition. Call John Garza Concrete at (970) 222-9363 to find out what else we can do for you or just check out other Service pages!

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