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Learn How Our Concrete Contractor Repair Cracks

Even though repairing cracks in concrete seems like an easy DIY project, getting the job done yourself will not ensure you get beautiful results. When it comes to concrete crack repair, make sure you call John Garza Concrete and have the peace of mind knowing that you are making the right choice for a partner in Fort Collins, CO. Stay on this page to learn what to expect from our crack repair solutions.

Our Concrete Crack Repair in Fort Collins CO

Step 1 – Preparation

We will come to your home and inspect the problem area. Before using any concrete filler, our concrete contractor will make sure there is no oil or dirt still on the ground. If there is, they will use a cleaner that cuts grease and cleans the area perfectly so the filler can bond to the cement. With the help of a hammer and chisel, we will get rid of any large pieces of the cracks. This will help the new patching material bond perfectly with the crack.

Step 2 – Patching & Sealing

Next, we will clean the area and patch it. With the help of a professional-grade filler, we will fill the crack; for bigger issues we use mixtures. After the material settles, we will let it cure. After this, we will perform any additional patching if needed and seal the area.

Step 3 – Inspection

After the problem area has been properly repaired our concrete contractor will inspect it to ensure the results are satisfactory and will last for a long time. Equipped with top-grade equipment and tools, we perform concrete crack repair services that go beyond expectations.

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