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What to Expect When You Hire Our Concrete Contractor for Repair Work

John Garza Concrete is a local company in Fort Collins, CO that can offer you an array of solutions for your concrete repair needs. We have experience repairing all types of structures and protecting them from the effects of corrosive elements and weather. Here, we will talk a little bit more about how we address different types of concrete damage so you know what to expect from our concrete contractor when you hire one.

Our Concrete Contractor in Fort Collins CO

Crack Repair

Cracks can start appearing within two weeks of the pad being poured if there are not enough control joints factored in. Even though hairline cracks are a bit unsightly, they are OK and will not lead to any bigger problems. When it comes to cracks, we have 3 main solutions – repairing, resurfacing, or replacing the entire section. It all depends on the severity of the problem.


This is the chipping that occurs on the surface when exposed to freeze-thaw cycles or the new driveway is a victim of improper mixing. When installing concrete, we always make sure to properly mix the compounds and pour them correctly in order to create an excellent result that lasts for years to come. When we notice spalling, we usually resurface the area and seal it.


When there are voids under the pad, the area tends to crack, break, and settle into them. The result can be an uneven driveway that requires quick attention before larger damage occurs. The problem, in this case, is with the soil or water leaks. We will come to you in Fort Collins, CO and carefully fix this issue for you.


As spalling, lifting also occurs due to freeze-thaw cycles. If yours are severely lifted, you should definitely call John Garza Concrete and get them repaired. We will arrive at your home or business fully prepared to execute an amazing concrete repair services that will give your structures outstanding look.

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