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Concrete Mixes You Can Use for Your Construction Project

When facing any construction project, it is imperative to utilize the right materials and equipment to attain the most desirable results. Take note that top-quality materials and efficient methods go a long way. This holds true especially when building establishments and structures that will last decades. Every time you have a building done, always consider the materials you use. The most important one in construction is, of course, concrete. Here are the most common types that are available in the market. Have a discussion with your contractor regarding which types are the right fit for your construction project.


Quick Hardening Cement

This type is most often used in groundwork, patio paving, reinforcing bases, and house extensions. When hardened, it features notable strength for such a fast-hardening type of cement.


Heavy Duty Cement

Heavy duty concrete is more appropriate in the construction of commercial and industrial buildings. It’s used for its durability, especially in structures that are frequently exposed to heavy loads and intense mechanical or technical processes. Think of factories, warehouses, and the like.


Gen 1 Cement

This is arguably a more versatile type of cement mix that can be used in many types of construction jobs. It’s mostly used for housing or residential structures, however, especially in flooring and groundwork. It’s also the type to be used in repair jobs.


Gen 2 Cement

This type is used in residential projects as well and has the same quality as Gen 1, but it looks much less refined when hardened. It’s an alternative to Gen 1 when it comes to flooring, only if you intend to cover it with temporary finishes, such as tiles or carpeting.


Choosing an appropriate type of concrete will be crucial to your construction job. If you’re unsure which one is appropriate to use for your particular construction project, your concrete contractor can be of service. We at John Garza Concrete are the perfect team for the job, as we carry only the highest quality materials available in the market in Fort Collins, CO. Call us now for inquiries at (970) 222-9363.


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