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Concrete Service Contractor You Can Rely On!

Are you looking for the right concrete service provider? About to begin a commercial or residential construction project and need a skilled concrete contractor at your disposal? We can help! John Garza Concrete is a concrete company based and operating in the area of Fort Collins, CO. Our skilled and experienced professionals will work closely with you to ensure you are happy and satisfied with our work!

What do we offer?

As a concrete service contractor, we are all about proper concrete work! Our services include concrete laying and repair, as well as supplying homeowners and commercial businesses with high-grade concrete to lay the foundations of an exceptional construction and renovation project!

When/Why would you need us?

Concrete is amazing! There is a reason why it has stood the test of time and is still a primary ingredient in most construction and renovation projects! We know how valuable concrete is to our community, so we have set out to ensure the people only get the highest grade end products from us! Furthermore, we strive to keep our rates affordable and competitive in comparison to other concrete providers in the area, and we never place hidden charges in any of our work!

How do we do it?

We implement supreme client care, attention to detail, and 100% dedication and hard work to all of our services, which has yet to leave any of our clients disappointed! Our goal is to remain the leading concrete company in the area, and we will achieve this by following the latest innovations in the field of concrete work, and by always finding room for improvement! Our regular clients are familiar with our need to impress and expect nothing less than excellence from us!

John Garza Concrete‘s work is highly regarded by homeowners and commercial businesses alike! Our fair, affordable, and competitive rates will excite you and give you a peace of mind! Don’t be shy, reach us to schedule in Fort Collins, CO today! You can contact us at (970) 222-9363, so don’t waste time! We are expecting you!


Client’s Testimonial

by William Delavega on John Garza Concrete

Nice and neat work, at fair rates! Very happy with your services!

John Garza Concrete
Fort Collins, CO 80526
Phone: (970) 222-9363

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